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Request for Proposals for Reconnaissance Survey in Baie du Lévrier, Mauritania

CWP Global requests proposals from suitably qualified contractors to conduct a reconnaissance survey of Baie du Lévrier, Mauritania. The work scope includes obtaining bathymetry data, sub-bottom profile data, seabed photography or videography and seabed grab samples.

The work will support the design of the Aman PtX project in Mauritania. Please find more information and forms for the application here -

All companies responding must have the legal capacity to enter a binding contract with CWP and to deliver in Mauritania, or through an authorized representative, and to have resources necessary to effectively execute the Scope of Work outlined on the website. Companies must be qualified and experienced at performing the required work in similar environments and in addition well documented experience and credibility in geotechnical data acquisition including laboratory analysis and geotechnical feasibility studies. 

Proposal must be received by 30 April 2024, 22:00 GMT.

Date de publication: 3 avr. 2024

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Date de publication

  • 3 avr. 2024

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